Brand name: REMEDIA (no generic equivalent)

To treat: An itch that the history of medicine is of interest to a wider audience than it presently reaches. Particularly effective on topics of contemporary relevance.

Recommended dose: Take as often as needed. Refills dispensed weekly.

Side effects: None yet known.

Date of release: 1 November, 2012.

Location: Cambridge, MA

Caution:  If you experience any unexpected reactions, do not discontinue use. Instead, leave a comment or get in touch at remedianetwork@gmail.com

Editors: Kate Womersley & Lisa Haushofer


  1. Hi, just found out about your website and am enthousiast about it. A sociologist/anthropologist engaged in heath and mental health research for some years, I am very sensitive to the issue of sharing what excites us and I found your way of doing it really great. Just want to let you know!

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  2. Thank you kindly Livia! Glad to hear you enjoy the site!


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