By no means exhaustive… not even close


Wellcome Collection

Medical Heritage Library

Center for the History of Medicine at Countway Library

Center for the History of Medicine and Public Health (New York Academy of Medicine)

Morbid Anatomy

The H Word (Guardian)


Medicine, Health and History

History of Emotions, Queen Mary, University of London

Center for Medical Humanities, Durham University

The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice

From the Hands of Quacks

Labyrinth of Nature

The Dispersal of Darwin

Digesting the Medical Past

American Science



The Health Culture

Circulating Now



History of Medicine in Ireland

Diseases of Modern Life



Wellcome Collection

Hunterian Museum London

Warren Anatomical Museum

Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, Harvard University

Mütter Museum, Philadelphia

Morbid Anatomy Library and Museum

Grant Museum of Zoology London

Medical Museion Copenhagen

University of Manchester Museum of Medicine and Health

Mushin Museum of Anaesthetics

Medical Artifact Collection, Western University

Museum of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Leeds

Museum of Health Care, Kingston

International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago


Libraries and Archives

Center for the History of Medicine at the Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine

New York Academy of Medicine Library

Whipple Library

Wellcome Library

National Library of Medicine

Osler Library

Clendening Library

Yale Medical Library

Edward Worth Library

Historical Medical Library, College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Consortium for History of Science, Medicine and Technology

Chemical Heritage Foundation



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