REMEDIA is podcasting!

Dear readers,

We are very happy to announce that REMEDIA are launching a Podcast!

The podcast will explore current issues in health and medicine with expertise from medical history and the medical humanities, in an informal and conversational way.

Each 20 minute episode will feature a sample of exciting research in the history of medicine and related fields to debate important contemporary questions and problems. We want to champion the importance of the humanities for medical research and practice, and give experts a platform to show their work.

To expand the topics, we will also run a series of short articles on our blog alongside each podcast, adding new perspectives and greater depth. We’ll dig into the ethics, assumptions and politics of healthcare, and bring experts from clinical fields to speak with humanities and social science scholars.

But before we start, we’d like to hear from YOU, our readers and contributors.

What would you like to listen to in a podcast about medicine today through the perspective of the medical humanities?

Would you even listen to such a thing?

What topics are you curious about?

Whose work would you like to see featured (as well as your own)?

Maybe you have some advice about starting a podcast?

We would be so grateful if you could take the time to let us know your thoughts, either as comments on this post, on twitter (@rememdianetwork), by email (, or by filling out this short survey:

As ever, THANK YOU for supporting REMEDIA since 2012!


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